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How does HailoPay work?

Last Updated: Mar 01, 2016 11:20AM GMT

Ask the customer to go to hailopay.com and enter your badge number. Alternatively you can text them the link by tapping HailoPay (when On Shift and Busy) and entering their phone number (not all international numbers are supported). 

The customer is then presented with a screen showing your photo and name, and a credit card form. The customer then enters their credit card details, as well as the amount that is due to pay; we prompt the user to add a tip if they wish. 

When the payment goes through, both you and the customer will get an immediate notification (you will need to be on shift in the Hailo app to see the notification). You will also both get an email receipt. You can also check in your Jobs history - a HailoPay payment will show as a card job.

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