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How to register and get verified

Last Updated: Nov 25, 2015 12:23PM GMT
Access the Driver app quick guide here.
Firstly you need to download and install the app. For help with this please check out “Downloading and installing the Driver App” in the "Getting Started with Hailo" section of this Help Centre.

Once you’ve installed, open up the app and tap "Sign Up". Registering is very quick and simple. All the details you need to fill in are on the first page, so please scroll down. Once completed you’ll be logged in.

You can now check out the app, but you will need to get verified before you can start using Hailo. You’ll see “Get Verified” at the top of the screen, tap it, and you’ll start the verification flow. You will need your bill and bank details.

After completing the verification flow we will then review your details. The app will show “Pending Verification of the main screen.  If approved, you will see "Go on shift" and you are ready to go! If you see “Review Profile” then go into your Profile (tap your name) > Licences and check the areas in red. This might be us telling you there is something that need modifying.
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