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Doing a Hailo job

Last Updated: Nov 25, 2015 01:57PM GMT
Access the Driver app quick guide here.
Firstly, ensure you are already verified. (Tip: On the main screen, if you see "Go On Shift" then you are verified and ready to go)
  1. "Go On Shift"
  2. Make sure you are FREE. The FREE button will be green.
  3. If you are unsure you are able to accept jobs check out the system diagnostics page in Settings > System diagnostics. Check all lights are green. If not, please visit our troubleshooting section in the help centre.
  4. When you get a job offer you will hear a sound and see some details appear on screen regarding the pickup location. This is the job offer screen. You will have the option to Accept or Decline. After 25 seconds, if no decision is made, the offer will disappear and be classed as an ignore. If another driver takes the job, the offer will be “withdrawn”. 
  5. Accept the job you will be in the 'Running state'. You will see the customer’s pickup address and location on the screen. Make your way to the customer. The customer can see where you are on their app as you approach them. They may also call you so ensure you are free to take a call. 
  6. Feel like you are running late? Call the customer. It is important that you inform the customer of any changes that may impact the job. 
  7. Once you have arrived tap “Arrived”. The customer will know where you are waiting. If you have tapped arrived too early or in a different location, or you are just unsure where the customer is, call the customer. 
  8. When the customer arrives, ensure you verify the name of the customer. You can see the name in the app. When confirmed, tap "Start Trip" (POB) and head to  the customer’s destination. The customer may have already added a destination. You will see this in the app in Arrived and POB state. 
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