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Cancellation Policy for prebookings

Last Updated: Nov 25, 2015 02:39PM GMT
With pre-bookings, we ask you to send feedback via the app about the cancellation.

What happens if I have an accident or breakdown?
We understand this can happen. In the unlikely event this happens within 30 minutes of pickup, ensure you cancel the job ASAP and inform the customer if you have tapped “Start Trip/On my way”. We closely monitor all our jobs to avoid abusing the system, ensuring drivers have a full selection of jobs. Please come in to the driver office to be re-enabled.

My passenger didn’t show up, do I get a late scrub fee?
Yes. As long as you have waited until pickup plus the standard waiting time AND you have called the customer (or attempted to) then you will receive £10 for a passenger no-show. If the customer cancels within 30 minutes of the pickup time and you have activated the booking, you will be awarded a £10 scrub fee.

I’ve cancelled a job, but I have 3 more left to do. What happens now?
If you cancel within 24h of the pickup, you will be removed from the prebook service for any new jobs, but you should complete those jobs you have already taken. Should you be unable to complete any other jobs you’ve accepted, please cancel them as soon as possible.

For details of the full passenger cancellation policy please visit https://www.hailoapp.com/policies/passengers/cancellation-policy/uk/

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