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I've not been paid correctly or not at all

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2015 05:12PM GMT

Please note before reporting an issue :

  • Payment for all work carried out between Tuesday - Thursday will be paid on Monday
  • Payment for all work carried out between Friday - Monday will be paid on Wednesday.
  • We will pay into the bank account given in the Driver App (see Profile--->Bank details)
  • Confirm you had card-fares within the dates in question
  • Allow for the standard interbank 2-3 business days (max.) transfer time after receiving the statement
  • Consider Hailo’s commission taken from each fare
  • Cash fare commissions will be deducted against the total payment
  • If there was an issue with a fare and you contacted support, please know that manual adjustments are processed once a week (Monday) and will only show on the subsequent statement

For issues concerning a specific job
  • Go into Jobs--->Job History--->Job in question--->Tap "Report"
  • Enter the details of the issue regarding this job
  • Tap send

For issues concerning a payment on your statement
  • Reply to the email we sent your statement in

Alternatively for any issues regarding payments you can email us on london.drivers@hailocab.com

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