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  • How do I update the driver app ?

    For Android users visit the Google Play store and search Hailo Driver. From there you can download and install the app. For iPhone (iOS) users visit and click Download. Note for iPhone users: If you have a phone running iOS9 you may be asked to trust the Hailo app before you can open it. If so follow these steps: 1) Go to your phone's “Settings” and into “General” 2) Go to Profiles 3) Select Hailo 4) Select "Hailo Driver 2" 5) Tap Trust Once done you can now open the app.

    Nov 25, 2015 02:14PM GMT
  • How do i change my vehicle?

    Press "Go On Shift". You will be asked to add your registration plate. Enter your new plate and confirm. Your new plate will now be pending approval. Until approved, your previous plate will be used. You will know your new plate has been approved when you next go on shift and you see the new plate by default. Note: Until approved, the previous registration plate will be shown to the customer. Therefore, for the first day, please ensure you inform the customer that the vehicle has changed.

    Nov 25, 2015 02:12PM GMT
  • How do I access Prebooks?

    In order to take Prebooks you will need to complete Prebook training at Prebook will then be manually enabled on your profile within a few days. Note: All drivers will have access to the Prebook list and will be able to take Urgent Prebooks (highlighted in red in the Prebook list). Once accepted, these jobs will launch straight into the job flow (running).

    Dec 14, 2015 11:25AM GMT
  • How do I know a job is fixed price?

    A fixed price job is shown on the job offer screen. You can see the price on the "Accept" button and on the banner below the address. There are three variations of the banner that contain a fixed price. Airports - Yellow banner Non-Airport destinations - Purple banner Urgent Prebooks - Yellow banner showing Prebook pickup time The Fixed price will also be shown on the payment screen.

    Nov 30, 2015 05:15PM GMT